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We have partnered with Love On The Fly as they have the same desire we do to see relationships thrive. A perk of joining Love On The Fly is that you get access to our minibooks free of charge!

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You Don’t Want Your Relationship To Survive, You Want It To Thrive

We have compacted relationship changing information into a size that you can easily read on your lunch break.


You have such good advice! Good Job!

– Sarah

I really enjoyed reading your book about healing your past hurts. I am relieved to finally get to the root cause of my hurt and start the process of healing

– Francine

Your content is both thought-provoking and practical. Thank you for putting these books together. I don’t have much time to read so this is the perfect size for me. Keep them coming

– Laura

Wish someone had told me about some of the stuff you write about earlier

– Bruce

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