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Emmanuel Ogunjumo, founder of relationship minibooks has studied all aspects of relationships relentlessly. He pursued this path of study after multiple failed relationships led him to humble himself and recommit to God. After several years of study, he has now committed himself to sharing all that he knows and continues to learn with those who have a desire to have high-quality relationships. Emmanuel strongly believes that relationships are not just meant to survive, they are meant to thrive. His desire is to change lives by putting an end to family separations, emotional turmoil, mental anguish, and financial woes created by failed relationships. He has a degree in theology and biblical studies. He is happily married and lives in Houston, Texas.


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“Happily, ever after” is not just a fairy tale. It is absolutely possible if you are willing to learn and do what it takes. Yes, “Happily, ever after” takes work! But the results you get makes the effort well worth it. I founded relationship Minibooks so you can get results and have the life you have always wanted. Why not start your journey today?

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