Eliezer's Relationship Lessons - Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Your Partner

Abraham knew very well that outside of our decision to choose God, our biggest decision in life is whom we choose to marry. So, he decided he was not going to compromise on the qualities he wanted in a wife for his son. Seeing that no one matched the qualities he was looking for in Canaan, he decided to look outside of Canaan.

Before I left to fulfil his wish, he gave me two specific instructions. First, he told me to go to his kinsmen. I did not understand why he was so particular about that until I thought about it further. His kinsmen and him have one thing in common – they are related by blood. Today, those who have accepted Christ into their hearts have entered into the family of God and are related to each other by the blood of Jesus. Therefore, if you are going to choose someone to marry, make sure they belong to your spiritual family.

Second, he told me not to bring take Isaac away from Canaan even if his bride would not leave her land. When he told me this, I realized that his desire for obeying God was greater than his desire to see his son married. He put God first and understood that Isaac was in the place of his promise. He knew that though taking Isaac away from Canaan to be married would have resulted in temporary happiness, it would have been at the expense of fulfilling his purpose and destiny. That was too high a cost!

When I got to my destination, I dropped to my knees in prayer and asked for favor and wisdom. I did not want to look only with physical eyes but with spiritual eyes as well. I wanted a woman who would be hard-working, caring, considerate, and loving. I want a good woman, I wanted a godly woman.

Shortly after my prayer, I saw a very beautiful woman approaching the well. Wondering how she could still be single, I quickly ran over to her to start a conversation. When I asked her for a drink of water, she immediately considered my camels. She said she would draw water for them without me having to say as much as a word about it.

As I watched her go back and forth to draw water from the well for my camels, I wandered if she was Abrahams kin. As God would have it, she was! So, I quickly brought out the bracelet I had on me and placed it on her wrist!  

Relationship Lessons

  • Do not compromise your values – if you can’t find what you are looking for in one area, expand your search. Do not limit yourself to one country, one ethnicity, one culture
  • Do not take yoke yourself to anyone that does not belong to your spiritual family
  • Do not make the goal of being married more important than obeying God – any marriage that takes you away from fulfilling your purpose and destiny should be avoided
  • Ask God for favor, wisdom, and spiritual eyes to see before choosing a potential spouse
  • Do not delay in making a move when you see someone you like & do not delay putting a ring on it when you know that person is the one for you.

 Note: If you would like to read this story, please read Genesis 24


Don't become partners with those who do not believe. For what partnership is there between righteousness and lawlessness? Or what fellowship does light have with darkness? – 2 Corinthians 6:14

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