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More Than Words - The Power of Affirmation

More Than Words - The Power of Affirmation

Ancient text shares the story of a man named Gideon who attacked and defeated an army of 135,000 Midianites (modern day Saudi Arabia)...with just 300 men. When I heard this victory, I became interested in reading more about Gideon. I wanted to know what possessed him to attempt such a seemingly impossible feat.

What I found was that Gideon did not start off strong and courageous. As the story goes, Gideon considered himself weak, incapable, and insignificant. He had come to believe that he and his clan would always be subdued by the Midianites. In fact, he was hiding in the clutches of this fear when a man suddenly approached him. The ensuing conversation between Gideon and this man changed everything about Gideon.

The man greeted Gideon by calling him a mighty man of valor. By saying this, he gave Gideon a different perspective of himself. While Gideon was focused on his feelings, the man focused on his identity. Then the man encouraged him, telling him that he was powerful, he was able to defeat the enemy, and that he had divine promise and protection backing him up.

Though Gideon was still doubtful and unsure after the man left, the conversation gave him just enough courage to take his first step towards greatness. His first step was to pull down a statue in an act of defiance. He did this in the middle of the night because he was scared to do it during the day, but he did it. The success of this one act propelled him to take further actions until he built up enough courage to fight the Midianite army with just 300 men. All of this would not have happened if that man had not decided to affirm Gideon’s identity, strength, purpose, and capabilities.

Love meets you where you are but never leaves you where it finds you
The story of Gideon illuminates the power of affirmation. It has the power to alter our belief system and spur us to fulfill our passions and purpose. Affirmation not only meet people where they are, it takes them to a better place. It does this by creating a bubble of positivity, encouragement, and support.

Now, you and I know that there is no shortage of negativity, skepticism, and cynicism in our world. It seems bad news travels quickly while good news hardly ever gets a mention. In a world where your partner is likely being made to feel less than, you can make him or her feel more than.

When you choose to become your partner’s biggest cheerleader and when you choose to focus and affirm what is right about him or her, you create a bubble for your partner where they feel loved, secure and accepted. 

Here is your love challenge: Choose to affirm your partner for the next two weeks and cut out all the negative or non-value added words.

Try it and watch your relationship soar. To learn more, please check our minibook: More Than Words - Communication Secrets of Fulfilling Relationships


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