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The Best Valentines Day Gift Ever

The Best Valentines Day Gift Ever

We like to spend money on love! The National Retail Federation expects us to spend $19.6 billion for Valentine’s Day in 2018. To help put this number into context, $19.6 billion is higher than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or total yearly national production output of 79 countries in the world.

Although we spend more money than any other country on earth celebrating love, the statistics show that we are not very good at keeping love. According to The Telegraph, America has the fifth highest rate of divorce of any country in the world, with only Maldives, Russia, Aruba, and Belarus having higher divorce rates. Not to be biased by a single report, we checked other sources to compare. The friendliest statistic we could find listed the U.S as having the 10th highest divorce rate in the world at 53%.

Money Can’t Buy You Love

Statistics like these remind us that “Money can’t buy love”. It reminds us that the temporary euphoria that Valentines Day creates in a relationship has no staying power to overcome the realities of the deficiencies present in the relationship. In other words, many people will not reap any long-term benefits from the money they spent on Valentine’s Day.

Now, dream with us for a second. Imagine if we took half of the estimated $143 per person we are going to spend on Valentines Day this year and spend it on resources that can help improve our relationships? What if we pick up books such as 5 Love Languages or Love & Respect, and choose to read and implement the ideas in such books?

Money can’t buy you love but it can buy you the resources needed to get better at love

If you really want your relationship to flourish, pick out some self-help books designed to improve your relationship while you are picking out those flowers, jewelry, candy, and card.

The best gift you can give your partner is the gift of a better you. As you get better, the relationship will get better, and the gifts that you give will become more meaningful. Therefore, do not hinge the trajectory and destiny of your relationship on any one day or season, hinge it on you.

Dream with me a second time and imagine what our relationships would look like if we became more patient, loving, kind, gentle, self-controlled, peaceful, and joyful. 

The best Valentine’s Day gift you can give is an active commitment to become a better you

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